Welcome to Saint Andrew Catholic School!

The school is a friendly and welcoming place where students are encouraged to do their best each day. Strong faith formation and rigorous academics are the cornerstones of this Catholic elementary school. At Saint Andrew the love of Christ is modeled for all to see. A primary goal of Catholic education is to prepare children to be disciples of Christ through their interactions with other students, their teachers, family and society. Students are prepared for a rapidly changing world while grounded in a nurturing family atmosphere that is present at Saint Andrew Catholic School.

The school has a strong tradition of service to others as well as a commitment to faith, hope, love and charity toward all people. Students are blessed to have teachers and staff who challenge and guide them. Saint Andrew Catholic School is fortunate to have supportive parents and families that understand and value quality Catholic education.

Thank you for your interest and support of Saint Andrew Catholic School.
Kristen Buffone Hughes, Principal


School 1/8/2014 Newsletter

January 10, 2014

Saint Andrew Catholic School CONGRATULATIONS!     We are proud to announce Saint Andrew School has several winners of the Art Exhibit for the 2014 Martin L. King, Jr. Celebration. Congratulations to our students on their wonderful work and the teachers for their support and encouragement.   Student/Class Prize Category Grade Teacher Hunter Santana George [...]

School 12/18/2013 Newsletter

December 20, 2013

Saint Andrew Catholic School   On behalf of Monsignor Souckar, Ms. Kristen Hughes and the faculty and staff of Saint Andrew we would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you when school resumes on Monday January 6, 2014. REMINDER No After School [...]