Handbook and Procedures

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Family Service Hours

St. Andrew Parish is a Stewardship Parish and relies heavily on the donation of time and talent from its parishioners to fulfill many of the needs of the parish and of those outside of the parish in need.  Therefore, is mandatory that each family contributes a minimum of 25 hours in any of the many areas of the school and parish.

  • Eight (8) of these hours are to be served at the Family Carnival
  • All families are required to participate in the school’s two major fundraisers – Chocolate Sales at the beginning of the school year and Carnival Raffle Ticket Sales
  • It is the volunteer’s responsibility, not the school’s, to record all service hours and submit all monetary donation receipts in volunteer service hour book and donation receipt book in the school office.
  • A donation to the school or classroom to assist with any of the activities in the amount of $20 constitutes as one service hour.  Please staple receipts to the Parent Service Hour Volunteer form with an explanation of the purchase.
  • In an effort to ensure that each family completes the required number of hours for the school, the family will be updated monthly as to how many hours are still owed. Each volunteer hour is worth $20.  At the end of May the family will receive a bill in the amount owed to the school for hours not completed by the family.
  • Failure of any family to complete the fingerprinting process or VIRTUS will not dismiss obligation to complete cafeteria or service volunteer hours.

Requirements For Parent Volunteers

Virtus & Fingerprinting

In order to protect the safety of our children, the following requirements must be met by all St. Andrew Catholic School staff, service providers, and volunteers:

  • A Volunteer Application form must be on file in the school office.
  • Digital fingerprinting with the Archdiocese of Miami must be completed every five (5) years.  See the St. Andrew Catholic School Registrar for options on how to complete the fingerprinting process.
  • Successfully undergo a national criminal background check.
  • Sign and abide by the Code of Conduct for Volunteers.
  • Complete a VIRTUS training workshop and submit a copy of the certificate to the administration.  Training dates are available on-line at

Prior to volunteering, verification that fingerprinting and VIRTUS are completed  or the volunteer opportunity will be denied.



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