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Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader program is a motivational reading program. Saint Andrew Catholic School students participate in this program and take AR quizzes on books they have read. Students are assigned reading goals (number of points) based on the STAR reading assesment (Retesting each trimester—next will be in January). Students retest at assigned intervals during the school year. Students that reach or surpass their reading goal receive motivational rewards and incentives as part of the program throughout the year.


We can also ask the parents to help to encourage their child to read 20 to 30 minutes daily during the Christmas holiday break and regularly throughout the year.
Thank you.

To Get Started with Accelerated Reader

  1. To identify and select interesting AR books to read, visit: AR Bookfind at
  2. When each student finishes reading their selected book, they will login to the website at school to take an Accelerated Reader quiz about the book. After completing the online quiz, their points are added towards their quarterly AR goal.

  3. To see your child’s progress in the Accelerated Reader program just visit the Renaissance Home Connect site at:
    • Student Login – first name initial and first four letters of last name
    • Students Password -SACS or SACS1
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